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February 2016

Nancy Coll, Principal    

 Allison Langridge, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Coll's Corner:

February is not only the month we think of snow, president’s day and lots of red and pink hearts,  but it is also the month of Respect. Respect is the Stafford County Citizenship word of the month. We at Anthony Burns feel that respect is a vital citizenship trait. Since children learn what they live, we strive to model respect. Every day as we say the character pledge we say:  “I will be respectful and responsible doing what I must.” This is one trait that all of us here at ABES are proud to model. Set a good example for your children by treating others, including children, with respect. Avoid disparaging remarks about others, especially those that demean another because of race, religion, ethnicity, or looks. Young children are naturally physical and may push or hit. Practice ways to help children keep their hands to themselves. Teach them to walk with their hands in their pockets or sit on their hands. Always be polite and use polite expressions. Encourage your children to do likewise.
I would like to recognize one specific teacher who shares her heart and shows respect every day. Mrs. Kelly Webb, Autism Teacher, has been selected by her peers to represent ABES as this year’s: Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Webb has been in education as a parent, a paraprofessional, and a teacher.  She shares her knowledge and passion for teaching and children with all who enter her room. She is an excellent team player, and we are all very proud to have her represent ABES.
I would like to also recognize one specific paraprofessional who shares her heart and shows respect every day. Mrs. Veronica (Ronnie) Gates, Primary Support Paraprofessional, has been selected by her peers to represent ABES as this year’s: Service Employee of the Year. Mrs. Gates worked in the pre-school program at Rocky Run prior to coming to Anthony Burns in 2008. Everyone who comes in contact with Mrs. Gates enjoys her quiet, respectful, and positive manner. We are thrilled to have Mrs. Gates represent ABES.
We are very proud and lucky to have both of these ladies represent Anthony Burns Elementary.
Every February I like to share this letter with parents, just because, sometimes – we forget. I am asking you to keep it in mind when you receive your child’s report card this month.
Dear Mom and Dad,
          In a few days, I’m going to bring home a “snapshot” of myself.  This picture will be a time exposure of me that’s been developing during the past few weeks.  Considering my many likes and dislikes, my mood changes from day to day, I think it’s a pretty good likeness of me.
When you see my snapshot, remember this is a report of someone near and dear to you.  So, please don’t get too uptight if you see a blemish, I hope you will accept me as I am.
Please do not picture me as being better than all the other children. Remember that all children do not learn to talk or walk at the same time, nor do they learn math and reading at the same rate.  I ask you not to compare me with my brother, my sister, or the kid next door.  You can set realistic goals for me, but please be careful not to push me to succeed at something that is beyond my ability.
I want you to understand that my report card is a picture of my school progress.  When you meet with my teacher, you will learn many things about my school life, even some things that might surprise you.
My teacher knows me as I am at school.  You know how I am at home.  The “real” me is somewhere in between.  When these two pictures become blended with acceptance and understanding, I hope my “snapshot” will be a shining portrait.
Your Child
 Just a reminder that during the cold winter months we need to make sure that our children are dressed warm for school. The temperature in the building is set at 69 degrees and we have no control over this temperature.
 Let’s make it a GREAT second semester!!!

Make It a GREAT Season – The Choice Is Yours.
Make it A Great Day,
Nancy S. Coll

 Remember to Make It a Great Day ~ The Choice Is Yours!

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"We are committed to building a safe and nurturing society of life-long learners who develop intellectual curiosity. We will strive to build a strong relationship between home and school to instill a desire for our students to develop strong character and skills that will help them be successful in the future."


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